Quality Metal Rainwater Tanks
  • Aquaplate – the strength of BHP steel with the extra protection of
    a thick 200µm food grade polymer liner

  • 20 Year written Bluescope Warranty against corrosion

  • Slimline or round – standard or custom sizes

  • No extra charges for custom sizes

  • Genuine Bluescope Colorbond colours (not just factory painted)

  • Australian made Bluescope solid steel means total
    Light Block against Algae growth


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    Our Factory:
    22 Park Street, Bacchus Marsh,
    Victoria (30mins west of Melbourne)
    Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday
    Phone: (03) 5367 8999
    Mobile: 0429 933 875

Manufacturer Direct
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Total Service
Design, Manufacture,
Delivery & Installation.
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2000 L Slimline
3000 L Slimline
4000 L Slimline
5000 L Slimline
5000 L Slimline
5000 L Slimline
6000 L Slimline
7000 L Slimline

1800L x 870W x 1540H
2500L x 870W x 1540H
2800L x 870W x 1860H
2800L x 1160W x 1860H
2900L x 950W x 2020H
3000L x 870W x 2150H
3100L x 1160W x 1860H
3100L x 1160W x 2150H


1000 L Round
2000 L Round
3000 L Round
4000 L Round
5000 L Round
8000 L Round
10,000 L Round
15,000 L Round

1030 Dia x 1540H
1220 Dia x 1860H
1530 Dia x 1860H
1770 Dia x 1860H
1930 Dia x 1860H
2390 Dia x 1860H
2690 Dia x 1860H
3100 Dia x 2020H

Maxi Slimline Tanks
Our Unique ‘Super Strong’ internal support system means that we now manufacture the Largest Slimline water tank on the market!

Save $$$ per litre by installing one of our Maxi Slimlines!
Litres Tank Size


3100L x 1160W x 1860H
3100L x 1160W x 2150H
3300L x 1160W x 2300H
3300L x 1600W x 2300H

'NEW!' Self Cleaning Water Tank System

Where other water tanks simply overflow new fresh rainwater to waste, our new Harmony Patented Self Cleaning System means that every time your water tank overflows, the bottom stale water is replaced with fresh new water.  Refer to diagram >

Pure & Simple!

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Bianco Pressure Pump Systems
'All quality Bianco Pumps carry a full 2 year warranty'

  Bianco 40PC Bianco 60PC Bianco Rainsaver Combo


Buy a 4000 Litre
Slimline Tank
(or larger)

...and get
20% OFF
a pump!

Bianco 60PC

Bianco 40PC
Colorbond® Standard Colours Non-Standard Colours
'Harmony Water Tanks' is a division of CorroSteel Industries. Our factory is located in Bacchus Marsh just 30 minutes west of Melbourne and we service a wide geographical area including Melbourne City and all surrounding districts, Ballarat and Geelong.

We manufacture a wide range of Slimline and Round Aquaplate® corrugated steel rain water tanks in standard or custom sizes. Our metal water tank sizes range from our pocket sized 500 litre Villa slimline water tank right up to our large 18,000 litre rural round water tank. Although we publish a list of standard tank sizes, we specialize in manufacture of custom sized water tanks with no extra charges. So if you are looking for say a slimline water tank to fit into a particular area, maybe under a window, along a narrow pathway or between two walls, then we can design and make a special metal water tank just for you.

Our Colorbond tanks are attractive to look at and will enhance your property and not give it that cheap plastic look. Our Slimline Water Tanks have nice sleek straight lines, retain that nice lustre of metal Colorbond® and will not crack, bulge or fade as can happen with plastic tanks.

A metal water tank means absolutely no light penetration into the water, with the result of no algae growth inside your tank. We are that serious about this issue that we fit as standard on all our rain water tanks a two piece Light Blocker Inlet fitting on the lid which not only filters the water but also stops sunlight from entering into your tank.

All our rain water tanks are manufactured using BlueScope’s Aquaplate® corrugated steel which carries a 20 year written Aquaplate® warranty against corrosion. Aquaplate coated steel is a 200µm thick polymer food grade material manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2070 Part 2 “Plastic Materials for Food Contact Use” It is not a polycarbonate and does not contain controversial BPA (Bisphenol A).

Our rain water tanks are strong, fire resistant, come in a wide range of genuine Bluescope colorbond colours or the standard galvanized option. Our tank bases are protected with a Polymer coating and can be placed directly onto either a concrete or a sand base.

At Harmony Water Tanks we offer a total service including water storage system design, free advice, water tank manufacture, water pump and equipment sales and water tank installations. Call now for an obligation free quote and we can also calculate how much water you will be able to harvest from your roof and design a system customised especially for your property.

Contact Details

Our Factory:
22 Park Street, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria 3340 (30 Minutes west of Melbourne)
Hours: 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday

Phone: (03) 5367 8999      Mobile: 0429 933 875      Email: info@harmonywatertanks.com.au


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